Minutes of January 18, 2022


The January 11, 2022, regularly scheduled monthly session of the Uncertain City Council was rescheduled due to the lack of a quorum because of unavoidable circumstances related to COVID.  The Council met on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, at the Uncertain City Hall.


Mayor Judye Patterson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Roll Call:  Judye Patterson, Bub Mueller, Annette Dukes, Martha Brown, and Jim Saunders were present.  Trish Jones participated by video conference.


Visitors and Open Forum:  No participants were present


Discussion on Minutes from 12.11.2021:  A concern was raised by Bub that every meeting there is a note on the minutes that a copy of the revised minutes from the previous meeting “are attached”, yet the council members never see the revised copies.  Revisions are needed on the December 2021 minutes, including the regular session date and misspellings.  Bub made a motion to postpone the acceptance of any minutes that require revisions; Martha seconded.  Motion carried.  After revisions, the December 2021 minutes will be reviewed at the February meeting.


The monthly and year to date financial reports were read individually.  All needed corrections from December 2021 were reflected on the January 2022 documents.  Revisions are needed on the January 2022 reports:

            General –

    • Revise the Income: “Transfer In” title to read “Transfer In from H/M Misc.”

               Hotel/Motel –

    • A debit of $1,287.31 noted on Expense: Miscellaneous (November total minus General and VFD transfers)
    • Delete the row for Expense: Transfer Out with the amount of $1,129.91

               VFD –

    • Revise the Income: “Transfer IN” title to read “Transfer In from H/M Misc.”
    • Move $144.51 from the row Expense: Fuel to the row Expense: Vehicle Maintenance

Bub made a motion to approve the financial reports with the above revisions; Annette seconded.  Motion approved.


Monthly bills – Judye reminded the Council that all monthly bills must be approved by Council Vote.  Bub made a motion to approve all expenditures needed for normal business operations; Martha seconded.  Motion approved.


VFD Monthly Call – none


Christmas Decorations – Bub will facilitate the building of racks for the storage of the decorations


Christmas Parade – Trish will purchase a megaphone to be used for announcements during parades, as well as any other needs that may arise


Bub made a motion to approve the Order of Election for May 7, 2022.  The ballot will include seats for Mayor (currently Judye Patterson), Alderman Place 2 (currently Bub Mueller), and Alderman Place 4 (currently Martha Brown).  Martha seconded; motion approved


The Trooper Scott Burns Bass Tournament will now be the Brandon Goyne Foundation Bass Tournament.  Martha made a motion to revise the Hotel/Motel Budget in the following manner:

  • Edit the Expense – Advertising – “Scott Burns Tournament” line to read “Brandon Goyne Foundation Tournament”
  • Increase the expense from $200 to $400

Bub seconded the motion; motion approved.


The Community Cleanup is tentatively scheduled for April 9, 2022, pending no other local events are scheduled for this day.


Judye reviewed the City Council Terms of Office rule for Type B municipalities.  The typical term under the rule is one year, but it does provide for terms up to four years.  Uncertain Alderman and the Mayor currently have two-year terms with alternating year schedules.  This requires an election be held every year.  Due to the cost of elections and the minimal availability of funds through the General Budget, the council was asked to consider the possibility of revising the terms of office to four-year terms with alternating year schedules.  This would result in elections being held every two years and a reduction of election costs.


Judye reviewed the current list of proposed topics for future meetings.  No other suggestions were made.


Bub made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:11 p.m.; Martha seconded.  Motion approved