This Month’s Agenda

The City Council of Uncertain, Texas will meet at our regularly scheduled monthly session on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, in the Uncertain City Hall at 7:00 p.m.   For those that choose to participate by telephone/video conference (due to the continued threats associated with the COVID-19, flu, & RSV concerns), please call 214.763.0986 to be added to the call/video.




During the course of the meeting, if discussion of any item on the agenda should be held in closed session, the council will conduct the closed meeting in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 551, Subchapter 1.


  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
  • Welcome Visitors and Open Forum (with rules and procedures explained)
  • Discuss / Action on Previous Minutes
  • Discuss / Action on Financial Business
  • Financial Reports
    1.      September 2023
    2.      October 2023
    3.      Monthly Bills
  • Review / Discuss VFD Monthly Call Report
  • Old Business
    1. Update on Beautification Project
  • New Business
    1. Discuss / Action on Allocation of Funds to Uncertain Christmas Parade 2023
    2. Discuss / Action on Donation of Funds to New Years Event 2023
    3. Discuss request for Donation to Bigfoot Bash to be held October, 2024
    4. Update on road construction.  Discuss / Action on additional funds for Culvert Replacement
  • Other Proposed Topics for Future Meetings
  • Meeting Adjourned