Minutes April 16, 2024 Meeting of the Uncertain, TX City Council


    • Mayor, Judye Patterson called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm
    • Present: Judye Patterson, George (Bub) Mueller, Martha Brown, Annette Dukes, Patricia (Trish) Jones and Kristy Bouchey
    • Guests:  Steve Battenfield arrived at 7:17pm
    • Previous Minutes: Previous Minutes were discussed and changes were made on Google Drive during the meeting.  Bub made the motion to accept the Minutes.  Martha seconded.  Motion passed.  
  • Financials:

~General Fund sales tax:  Discussion was held on use of the Child Safety Funds.  Additionally, it was pointed out that there are currently two reconciliation statements due to bank reporting overlap which will be resolved eventually.

~Hotel Motel: financials reviewed with no questions.

~VFD:  Donations were pointed out; $670!  Mayor Patterson noted that insurance will likely increase about 20% statewide and the City will need to shop around for the best price.

~Road Grant: All of the main payments have been made.  Mayor Patterson is watching the account balance for minimum fees until we are officially able to close the account.  It was noted that the City spent all but $550 of the granted funds which is fiscally responsible.

~Trish made a motion to accept the Financials; Martha seconded.  Motion passed. 

~Monthly Bills: Kristy made a motion to approve all expenditures needed for normal business until the next meeting.  Bub seconded.  Motion passed.

~VFD – no calls


  • Old Business:  
  1. Community Clean Up – rescheduled for April 27.  Dumpsters have been ordered, Mark Hayes is available to work, Dick Cole will be contacted by Martha Brown.  Matha will also make arrangements for community service workers. Trish and Bub will post info on Facebook and the City’s website.
  2. TXDoA- see information under Road Grant under Financials.

  • New Business:
  1. Discussion held on using Child Safety funds to stripe roads with SLOW instead of STOP.  Perhaps include “25 mph”. Bub made a motion that the City spends up to $2000 on this signage to help with speeding within the City.  Martha seconded.  Motion passed. 
  1. Mound Pond Road – Matha has spoken with Nash Trucking about perhaps receiving some help with supplies.  Bub motioned that we spend up to $1500 on repairs to Mound Pond Rd. Trish seconded. Motion passed.


  • Proposed Topics for Future Meetings: Speed bumps or rumble strips on parts of the City roads.

Meeting Adjourned:  Bub made amotion to adjourn the meeting at 7:54pm.  Kristy seconded.  Motion passed.