Minutes February 9, 2021


The City Council of Uncertain, Texas met in regular session on Tuesday January 19, 2020 February 9, 2021 by zoom


Mayor Judye Patterson called the meeting to order. At 7:06.P.M..

Roll Call: Judye Patterson, Bub Mueller, Trish Jones, Jim Saunders and were present.  Martha Brown was absent


Open Forum. – Megan Carpenter from Dallas Caddo Club was present


The January 19, 2021 minutes were read individually. Bub made a motion to accept the minutes with one nine corrections. Trish second.  Motion Carried.


The monthly and YTD financial reports were read individually.  Bub made the motion with changes corrections. Trish seconded.    Motion carried.

Reviewed paid bills.

VFD Monthly Calls – no calls



Order of Election – Council members need to sign.


Roads/Streets Grant Application –   Moving along.  Judy is working with auditor




Scott Burns Memorial Bass Tournament March 27.  Jim made motion to spend the $200 budgeted.  Bub seconded.  Motion carried


Weed/Rubbish Ordinance no 6 – – Bub made a motion to void action taken on 1/19/2021.  Trish seconded.  Motion carried.

Trish made a motion that ordinance Number 6, adopted May 3, 1962 be repealed by the adoption of Ordinance 2021-001.  Bud seconded.  Motion carried. Trish made a motion to repeal May 3, 1962 ordinance.  Bub seconded.  Motion carried


Notice of Special Election – Jim made a motion to adopt Ordinance No. 2021-002 to hole hold the May 1, 2021 special election for a proposed 1% increase in sales tax.  Bub seconded.  Motion carried.\R


Resolution 2021-003 – Bub made a motion to select Gary R. Traylor & Associates as the administrative consultant for application for, preparation, and project administration in conjunction with a 2021-2022 TxCDBG application.  Jim seconded.  Motion carried.


Other Proposed Topics for Future Meetings

 Buzzard problem

Fire Truck Sales


ADJOURN: – Bub made the motion to adjourn Trish seconded.  Motion carried.